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Coaching and Equipping

Passionate About Inspiring Others

"For this purpose, we were created - to know Whose we are and who we are. We can't know where we're going until we know where we've come from - the place of True Identity!"  Sandra Fullilove


With a passion for the hurting, confused, and wandering Sandra's desire is to help set the compass of the searching heart in the direction of purpose.

As an inspirational speaker, author and life strategist Sandra has spent over 25 years traveling nationally and internationally as a voice making known the heart of God. She carries a Holy Fire to ignite hearts ablaze for an eternal destiny.


Life Coach

Through thought-provoking questions and growth challenges, Sandra helps her coaching clients obtain clarity and direction. 

From helping resolve intrapersonal conflict and developing interpersonal skills to achieving life balance through Godly growth. 

Why Do People Hire A Coach?

To discover and grow in their God-given purpose.

To have a safe place to download and discover unique solutions

To be held accountable for their goals and aspirations

To help expose and eliminate ineffective habits that hinder them

To help resolve intrapersonal conflict and develop interpersonal skills

To achieve balance and fulfillment in every area of their lives

Coaching Is...

Entirely focused on you to help you grow and find solutions

Someone who doesn't just hear but listens to what you are saying

Someone who holds you accountable to your goals and dreams

Someone who has no agenda other than your growth and success

Someone who recognizes the depth of your true outstanding quality

An alliance with someone skilled in connecting with people and equipping them.

Discover your purpose and become who you were born to be!

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