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Ministry Leadership Coach

"Change may not always bring growth, but there is no growth without change."    Roy T. Bennett

A ministry leadership coach is an objective, confidential partner who offers support for relational challenges, conflict resolution, and spiritual encouragement to go deeper so kingdom influence can flourish.

Why Do Ministry Leaders Hire A Coach

To find a safe place to download and discover solutions
To remove roadblocks and hindrances that keep them from going deeper in

their relationship with the Lord and returning to their First Love
To gain and regain vision for their purpose and calling
To be held accountable for goals, growth, and aspirations
To develop balance in every aspect of their life

Coaching Is...

Entirely focused on you to help you grow and find solutions

Someone who doesn't just hear but listens to what you are saying

Someone who holds you accountable to your goals and dreams

Someone who has no agenda other than your growth and success

Someone who recognizes the depth of your true outstanding quality

An alliance with someone skilled in connecting with people and equipping them

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