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"Sandra is an anointed vessel of God. The Lord has given her the gift of seeing into the hearts of others, and the ability to minister truth to the wounded places of the soul." 

"Sandra, your ministry changed my relationship with the Lord forever - boosted me into so much more intimacy than I'd ever thought I could have." 

Rachel Wallace

Mahajanga, Madagascar

​​Hi Sandra,

I just had some music on random play this afternoon and in the selection - one of your teachings on came up, and I listened to it, and it was such a Divine appointment once again.

Each time God speaks to me in a different way through it, this time, the emphasis on being a leader.   Once again it was like it was spoken just for me and brought a lot of clarity,

Thanks so much,

Rachel Wallace

Iris White
United Kingdom


You really touched my life at just the right time.  I never did tell you, but God used you mightily! 

I love you lots,


Robin Allen
Memphis, TN

Wendy Nell  
United Kingdom


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