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Sandra is an author, inspirational speaker, and life strategist.


Over the past 30 years, Sandra has been a publisher, Vice-President of a D & B Fortune 500 Marketing Company, traveled nationally and internationally as an inspirational speaker and spiritual advisor globally to Pastors, Professionals, Entrepreneurs, individuals and couples of all ages. 


She is practical yet in-depth having spent over 30 years in leadership and brings an awakening of purpose and destiny.  


She is passionate about intimacy with God and desires to make known the heart of God to His people and see individuals and groups step into their true identity.


Sandra comes from a Louisiana heritage. Intent on building her career as a marketing and advertising executive, she experienced a "Divine interruption" When the Lord called her into full-time ministry. Immediately Sandra began having supernatural experiences with angelic and Divine visitations, manifestations of God's power with signs, wonders, creative miracles, open visions and dreams of things to come. In 1993, the Lord released her into full-time ministry. She travels as a prophetic voice making known Father's heart to His people bringing an awakening to purpose and destiny.


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